Every Fifteen Minutes Assembly

evOn April 26, 2018, Jerome High school will be hosting an Every Fifteen Minutes assembly. Every Fifteen Minutes is a program that simulates a distracted driving car accident. Students will be at an assembly for a good part of the afternoon where they will watch the car accident play out from the beginning to end. The video will show one student die, another be arrested and others injured. It will also show the aftermath of the accident. The family of the students who dies will plan a funeral. The students will then hear form first responders and families who have experienced first hand what it is like to encounter a distracted driving accident. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mrs. Wright at the high school.

Lady Tigers Track

lttCoach Cory Musgrave has created a very informative website that has everything you need to know about Lady Tiger Track at JHS.  Check it out here.


For questions about 2017 - 2018 Jerome High School Sports tryouts, eligibility, and much more, please visit the Jerome High School Athletics website.  

Citizenship Test Preparation

All students in the state of Idaho must pass the Citizenship Test to graduate from high school.  A website has been created with several study aids to help you prepare for this exam.  We will begin testing at the beginning of 2nd Semester.  Click here to view the study resourses.

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