Summer Technology Classes

techimageWe will be offering THREE sessions of these tech classes during the CSI summer session.  The summer session will begin on June 3rd, 2013 and the classes MUST be finished by July 26, 2013.  The registration for these courses does NOT have to be staggered and you could put them all on ONE form.  You can begin before the actual start date but the end date was firm.  EACH credit is $30.


Here is the course information if you would like to sign up. And again, they may all be put on the same form and ONE check can be written.  The check could be post dated for June 3rd if you want to pay now. (I will not be turning in the forms until June 3rd.)  If you definitely want to sign up and would be interested in starting early (although, I know this is a busy time of year) get the registration paperwork and payment to Darlena Ohlensehlen and I will get you enrolled in the modules of your choice.  Click here for the registration form for the summer classes.

EDUC 199A-C04E ED Technology A-Z Course 4

EDUC 199A-C05E Ed Technology A-Z Course 5

EDUC 199A-C06E Ed Technology A-Z Course 6

We have added a few new modules for the summer session.  They are listed at the bottom.  Just a reminder you have to have a total of 5 modules for EACH session (note that the ones in red count for 2).  Let me know if you need clarification or have questions.

1.    Introduction to Moodle – (This is worth 2 of the 5 modules for one credit.)

2.    Getting to Know Your iPad

3.    Using iPads and iPods in the Classroom

4.    iPods and iPads for Reading Fluency

5.   School and Classroom Management of Digital Devices

6.   Google Tips and Tricks (e-mail, Calendar, Forms)

7.    Document Cameras and Classroom Use

8.    STAR Early Literacy and Progress Monitoring

9.    Star Reading and Progress Monitoring

10.  Star Math and Progress Monitoring

11.  Essential Skills Software (elementary)

12.  Maintaining Your Home Computer

13.  “Skype” in the Classroom

14.  Mobi Best Practices

15.  Clickers in the Classroom

16.  Integration of Excel in the Classroom

17.  Integration of PowerPoint in the Classroom

18.  Integration of WORD in the Classroom

19.  Edmodo – (This is worth 2 of the 5 modules for one credit.)

20.  Microsoft Office Suite Tips and Tricks

*  21.  Windows 7 – Features You May Not Know - there is a strong possibility that JSD will be moving to Windows 8 next year.

22.  eReading in the Classroom

23.  Interactive Whiteboards

24.  How to Make a Google Website – (This is worth 2 of the 5 modules for one credit.)

25.  Using PLATO Reports to Guide Instruction

NEW MODULES PLANNED - More may be added later.

*  Using Animoto in the Classroom

*  Using Voki in the Classroom

*  Using Office HD on the iPad

*  Using Jerome School District Remote Access

*  What's New in Office 2013 (It is likely that we will be moving to Office 2013 next year.)

*  Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks

*  Using Milepost Effectively

*  Educreations

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